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Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Drone Technology | 0 comments

Volume Measurement from Drone-Based Photogrammetry Drops in Price

Volume Measurement from Drone-Based Photogrammetry Drops in Price

By Eric Cheng

Yesterday, DroneDeploy announced Volume Measurements, an enhancement to their web-based photogrammetry service that enables rapid volume estimation using only a few clicks of the mouse. At the moment, drone-based volume estimation is commonly used for stockpile monitoring and is one of the few current use cases for drones that has clear ROI benefits.

To calculate volume in DroneDeploy, all a user needs to do is draw a polygon around an object and click “Calculate.”

I get excited about reading announcements, but there is no replacement for actually out new features. Only maps processed after 7am PT on Feb 3 support the new feature, so I asked DroneDeploy’s support team to reprocess one of my old maps of my house. I was preparing to fill in a drained swimming pool and had previously done volume calculations using Pix4Dmapper Pro to see how much dirt would be required. I thought doing the same calculation using DroneDeploy would be educational.

I loaded the reprocessed map, clicked a rough polygon around the pool, and then clicked “Calculate.” After a few seconds, I had my volume calculation.

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